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For people who have loved ones suffering dementia, finding dementia nursing homes has never been easy – recently it has become almost impossible for many.

According to Which?, half of all people who tried to arrange care for a love one said they could not find a dementia care home or even some type of adequate dementia care specialists.

Dementia care

The survey asked people who had tried  to find dementia homes for loved ones in the past year to share their findings of dementia care nightmares. The result shows a worrying trend of people urgently needing some kind of long-term dementia care specialists, but not able to find one.  

The research showed that the lack of decent homes is resulting in people with who need full time care are moving in with their loved ones or into inadequate dementia nursing homes they aren’t happy with. One in five people said they or their loved ones were now in a dementia nursing home they disliked. The alternative for many – some 16% of respondents – said they had had to move far away from family and friends to find the right dementia care specialists.

Dementia care specialists

dementia homes

At Stanfield Nursing Home – a dementia care home that specialises in helping people with dementia and their loved once to lead a decent life – we have a highly regarded dementia care home in the middle of Worcester.

As dementia specialists, Stanfield Nursing Home has spent a lot of time and energy getting to understand how to help make life better for residents with dementia. For example, music is one of our dementia care techniques that helps to communicate with people suffering with dementia. It brings back memories and enables them to have fun through reminiscing with their loved ones.

After much scientific research it’s now known that music reaches deep into the brain. For dementia care, such stimulating music helps to resonate with people who are damaged by dementia. All those hidden memories are unlocked and the thus the dementia care we provide has a healing property – for the sufferers and their loved ones.

Dementia nursing homes

Likewise, as it’s nearly Christmas, we ask loved ones to come to our dementia nursing home and bring old mementos such as medals, scrap books, pictures, indeed anything that helps to set off memories that will be a welcome respite for the dementia sufferer. Moreover, dementia homes like Stanfield dementia care home have an active and well trained staff who are used to supporting people with dementia.  They have all been trained on the job to give  the right care to the residents and their visiting loved ones.


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