Last month we wrote about plans to reopen an old tin mine in Cornwall so there would be a new generation of tin electroplating processes – we thought we’d revisit the story this month.

The South Crofty tin mine was supplying tin plating and carrying out the tin plating process during a 400-year history, and was the last Cornish tin mine to finally close its doors in the 1990s. However, as tin electroplating is now having a market resurgence around the world, a Canadian business is considering reopening the mine to ride the new wave of electro tin plating popularity.

tin electroplating

Tin electroplating

Strongbow Exploration is an acquisitive Canadian company with interests stretching across the Americas and is now hoping to exploit the popularity of tin electroplating for a new generation of manufacturers.

South Crofty, just outside Camborne in Cornwall, will be mining high grade tin to help with all aspects of tin production for local, national and international companies. Strongbow Exploration’s plans are to make sure the tin electroplating process is fixed once again on the agenda of the nation’s manufacturing businesses.

EC Williams

At EC Williams the move by Strongbow Exploration is no surprise. We have been specialists in electroplating for almost 100 years.  The EC Williams approach to tin plating is one of flexibility, working across a range of various processes and products to create a huge number of different electro tin plating finishes. When it comes to  the tin plating process, EC Williams is well known for supplying specialist services for manufacturing industries focused on electro tin plating processes.


Highly specialised

Such highly specialised businesses are dependent on unique products and EC Williams has a cutting edge plant and processes which provide electro tin plating to a huge range of clients, from heavy industry to light manufacturers, and business to science parks.  The process used by EC Williams includes mixing barrel and vat processing. This enables the company to process tin electroplating in big and small components, from fasteners and contacts to castings and pressings.

Furthermore, EC Williams’ tin plating process also offers customers other processes such as post plating treatments. Through its tin electroplating process, EC Williams is renowned for  tin plating onto many substrates such as zinc, copper, phosphor bronze, brass and steel.


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