Himoinsa, a global leader in manufacturing new diesel generators, is to supply the power for the Dakar Rally, sources confirmed recently.

New diesel generators for sale

The Spanish company, which has an agreement with Woodlands Generators to stock new diesel generators for sale, will power the world famous rally from January 6-20. The job will stretch across Peru, Bolivia and Argentina and cover 9,000km. Himoinsa will be powering the mobile units for over 10 camps that are set up along the race circuit.

Himoinsa UK

The sponsorship of the Dakar Rally comes as no surprise to Woodlands Generators, which has been stocking Himoinsa-manufactured generators supplied by Himoinsa UK for some time now. Himoinsa UK new diesel generators are power-generating units that convert energy into electricity and our agreement with Himoinsa is an addition to our range of other new diesel generators for sale.


Himoinsa UK new diesel generators

Himoinsa UK new diesel generators  are well known for their power, portability, are environmentally friendly and noise free. The Himoinsa was picked for the hazardous Latin American route of the Dakar Rally for several key reasons. These new diesel generators have a very low maintenance cost. Interestingly, the engines do not contain spark plugs, which tend to pile on the costs and are a factor for the success of their diesel generator sales.

Furthermore, Himoinsa UK new diesel generators are also renowned for their smooth running and quiet engines. This is ideal for participants on the Dakar Rally who will need a decent night’s sleep after a long day on the road.


The engine enclosures are soundproofed to cause hardly any noise or vibrations. The low noise levels also fit perfectly with Woodland Generators’ environmentally friendly policies and suit all locations, including heavily urbanised areas.


Himoinsa UK new diesel generators


Another reason we’re flying the flag for Himoinsa diesel generator sales is fuel efficiency. The running costs of their new diesel generators are much less than other operations. This also ensure they produce the maximum of electricity per litre of diesel.


Rely on Himoinsa UK

You can rely on Himoinsa UK as a breed of new diesel generator, which can be used for the home as well as for businesses – and even the Dakar Rally. The team at Woodlands Generators are available any time to talk to customers about our diesel generators for sale.  

If you are interested please call 0845 600 3335 and call – we’re eager to answer all queries. Alternatively, you can visit our website at Generator Sales.

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