Tin plating process

The South Crofty tin mine near Camborne in Cornwall has a history stretching back four centuries to Tudor times, supplying generations of manufacturers their tin plating process. It was also one of the last Cornish tin mines to shut down 20 years ago, but it could be the first to reopen if a Canadian company have their way.

Tin plating

With an eye on the lucrative tin plating industry, Strongbow Exploration hopes to reopen the South Crofty site and start to mine high-grade tin, which still lies at its deepest levels. It’s also worth remembering that South Crofty was never mined out – it was shut down as a result of the collapse of tin prices in the late 1990s. Strongbow hopes to change that and in doing so ensure that the tin plating process is firmly back on the agenda of the UK’s manufacturing companies.

Electro tin plating

But none of this will be a surprise to EC Williams, which is a specialist in electro tin plating.  Williams plating is flexible and works across a number of different products and processes creating a variety of plating finishes. But with the tin plating process, the company is renowned for its expert services in the the electro tin plating and plating finishes industries.

Williams plating

These are specialist industries that depend on unique electro tin plating specifications required by the customers. Furthermore, Williams plating has been a specialist in tin plating for almost 100 years – and was almost certainly supplied with high quality tin by South Crofty and other Cornish tin mines when they were still in their heyday.

Plating finishes

These days, EC Williams has a state-of-the-art plant that provides plating finishes and electro tin plating to a brace of customers, from light manufacturers to heavy industry. The company’s tin plating process involves a mixture of vat and barrel processing, which allows Williams plating to tin plate large and small components, from castings and pressings to fasteners and contacts.


Post plating treatments

Moreover, Williams plating also offers post plating treatments such as lubricants and anti-tarnish dips. Through its tin plating process, the company is well known for tin plating onto many substrates such as brass, zinc, copper, steel and phosphor bronze.

This ensures the highest quality of tin plating, which sits alongside a flexible pricing system that has customers returning again and again. With the re-opending of South Crofty, Williams plating will be able to bring Cornish tin back into into the electro  tin plating industry.


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