Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, more commonly referred to as ABS, is a type of thermoplastic commonly used in the automotive industry. ABS shares similar properties to the well renowned HIPS thermoplastic, one of the most useful ones being its excellent shock absorption qualities.

Here at Eagle Plastics, a leading thermoplastic team, and proud ABS suppliers, we are delighted to be able to offer a flawless ABS sheet UK service to our customers.

The properties and uses of ABS thermoplastic sheets

ABS is an extremely adaptable thermoplastic due to the extensive properties that belong to the plastic. There will be plenty of things you use regularly, that you will not realise are made from ABS thermoplastic. With high shock absorption qualities it’s the perfect material to use in the automotive industries, particularly on car bumpers. Its high impact properties also make it ideal for protective headgear and canoes. ABS is also quite a light plastic, making it perfect to use in pipework for drains and ventilation.


This thermoplastic can be produced in a variation of colours and is therefore popular in children’s toys; most familiarly in Lego bricks. Its versatile nature lends itself to a variation of other industries too, including kitchen appliances, construction and musical instruments.

ABS sheet UK services  

Here at Eagle Plastics, we are proud to offer our ABS sheet UK services nationwide. Our sheets are available in all shapes, sizes and colours with various finish including, embossment. Our bespoke service is also available to fulfil any thermoplastic sheeting requirements that entail more specific tailoring. Our own personal delivery vans are also on hand to provide you with a fast, efficient and flexible delivery service, to ensure the customer journey I an enjoyable one from start to finish.


If you are interested in our ABS sheet UK services which Eagle Plastic can proudly offer you, then please call 0116 276 6363 to speak to a member of our helpful and fully trained thermoplastic team. Alternatively, you can visit our website Eagle Plastics for more information on the products we provide.