When it comes to custom laser cut parts, Stephen’s Gaskets is no stranger to winning ways. Indeed, winning over new customers to its laser cut steel techniques is what has made the company grow from strength to strength during the past seven decades.

Expert custom laser cut parts

Custom laser cut parts

Nevertheless, along with its award winning laser cutting professionalism, Stephen’s Gaskets can also now boast to be part of the Midland’s most successful football team of 2017 – Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. As well as its expertise in custom laser cut parts, Stephen’s Gaskets is also experts in finding other talent – and is sponsoring the Wolves goalkeeper John Ruddy.


John Ruddy has played no small part in helping Wolves to be clear leaders at the top of the Championship for the 2017-18 season and if all goes to plan will be taking his place among the international stars of the Premier League next season.

Laser cut steel

As an England international, John Ruddy is used to having nerves of steel each week on the field. This makes him a perfect choice for Stephen’s Gaskets, which is known across the Midlands and nationally for its own steel such as its laser cut steel service and custom laser cut parts. Indeed, many customers would call Stephen’s Gaskets top of the premier league for laser cut products and services.

Laser cutting services

The laser cutting services provided by Stephen’s Gaskets involve arguably the most professional and specialist laser cutting in the UK. The laser cut steel comes in many different shapes and sizes, creating standardised or bespoke foils and shims created specifically for customers. As a custom laser cut parts service, Stephen’s Gaskets performance is perfect – much like John Ruddy’s on the pitch each week.

Flawless performance

This flawless performance ensures that the company creates fast and efficient products that can be at a customer’s workshop or plant in 24 hours. But it’s not just steel laser cutting, Stephen’s Gaskets also uses lasers to cut other materials such as plastic and rubber. To cut these products you need a high degree of professionalism and accuracy – exactly what John Ruddy needs week in week out to ensure he steers Wolves into the premiership next year.


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