Diversional therapy activities are a recent innovation in care homes to help residents raise their spirits and realise their potential through stimulating activities. Much of the pioneer work on diversional therapy has come from Australia, where their lifecare approach is now considered the most innovative in the world.

Nursing home therapy

Here at Stanfield Nursing Home we have always taken an innovative approach to helping our residents reach their full potential through different nursing home therapy. This is particularly true of our residents who have dementia.

What is diversional therapy?

When family members ask; “What is diversional therapy?” we explain how it improves the health and wellbeing of their loved ones through activity. Our diversional therapist will then go on to describe the benefits of the Pool Activity Level, in particular. Indeed, Pool Activity Level  takes diversional therapy activities further, helping to unlock a person’s potential through person-centred health emphasising an individuals back history, personality and physical capabilities.

Pool Activity Level

As a key part of our nursing home therapy, the Pool Activity Level approach encourages people to reminiscence about their personal history, giving details of their lives. At the same time, the diversional therapist will sit with our residents and try to understand their physical capabilities. This will then build a picture of what diversional therapies are needed to support individuals and help them with their day-to-day lives.

As a result of this personal approach, the Pool Activity Level can help our therapy devise a far more appropriate health and wellbeing programme for individual residents living in Stanfield Nursing Home. Furthermore, because of the different types of care needed for our residents, diversional therapy activities necessarily lead to ongoing programmes for individuals. This helps to develop a bespoke series of activities adapted to personal requirements. 


Diversional therapy activities

And the change in our residents following diversional therapy activities is often eye opening and highly emotional for our staff and visitors as they witness significant improvements in their loved ones’ health and wellbeing. Self esteem and self confidence increases enormously as part of our activities.


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