Metal shims UK

As metal shim manufacturers, at Stephen’s Gaskets we’ve long found that one of the most  popular material in our assorted shim packs is metal shims UK. Predominately for a domestic customers base, metal shims UK are pre-cut metal shim packs that give clients a huge scope to help maintain their machines.


Corrosive resistance

Metal shims UK are known for their corrosive resistance, which helps when working on a vast range of machines up and down the country. Using our metal shim packs guarantees that the machine components of our customers will have a long and healthy life.

We ensure that as metal shim manufacturers our metal shim packs will help customers’ machines by using the metal shims to take up all the friction and abrasion, which is normal with busy working machines. This saves our customers time and ultimately money.

Metal Shim Manufacturer

Metal Shims UKEvery day as a shim manufacturer, we manufacture thousands of metal shims UK; these renowned for their top quality, fitting exactly with customers’ requirements. We have a huge range of sizes of metal shims UK to suit all the vastly different machines across the country. Nevertheless, as metal shim manufacturers we wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly if we didn’t offer customers more bespoke metal shim packs. So along with off-the-peg shims, we also provide bespoke products, which can be used in even the most complex machinery

All our metal shims UK are in various assorted shim packs, including metal shim packs.  Along with metal, as a shim manufacturer we also produce a vast array of other of other shims ranging from leather, brass, copper and plastic to stainless steel and laminate.

Since just after World War 2, Stephen’s Gaskets have been producing metal shims, washers and gaskets and our product range continues to increase. We also provide customers with plastic injection moulding service. Additionally, our laser cutting service helps us product the finest bespoke metal shims UK that will match any other metal shim packs manufactured in the UK or across the world. We have a huge turnaround of product and we can supply anything anywhere and at any time. That’s the Stephen’s Gaskets guarantee for you.


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For more information on any of our metal shims UK, metal shims packs and other products, contact us today on 0121 544 5808. You can read our previous blog on metal shim manufacturers.