Hosted voice systems

Midlands-based telecoms company Armstrong Bell have been awarded several contracts to supply schools with hosted voice and PBX fixed phone systems in the region.

Schools signing up to using Armstrong Bell’s telecoms services include The Blue Coat School, Edgbaston, South Bromsgrove High School and Severndale Academy in Shrewsbury.

Technology requirements

Depending on their technology requirements, the schools will receive a mix of either a traditional private branch exchange (PBX) or a hosted voice PBX, which gives schools the use of telecoms systems without the investment in the telecoms equipment. The call platform is hosted and customers connect via IP to the service provider for their voice service.

“The work we’re doing with schools is a good story,” said Will Copley, CEO of Armstrong Bell. “Generally, our core products are phone systems and broadband, hosted voice and phones for net and mobile business.

“Most businesses are going over to hosted voice for easier support – it’s cheaper overall and when we meet customers we can demonstrate that to them. They immediately see the cost benefits of hosted. Hosted voice never goes out of date.

“But, of course, we have an expertise in PBX going back many years. For example, one of our schools wants to have PBX – they wanted less cover over seven years. It’s often the case that what is good for business doesn’t necessarily suit all sectors, and some schools are just not suited for hosted voice.”

Leading Midlands suppliers

Elsewhere, for businesses, Armstrong Bell is now considered to be one of the leading Midlands suppliers of hosted voice phone systems.

Making business communications easier

The hosted voice systems is based on an internet delivered telecoms system that makes all communications for a business easier.   The hosted voice service gives customers the ability to work from all locations by operating via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This is a technology that allows customers to make calls using their broadband Internet connection instead of their regular phone line

By using the hosted voice VOIP telecoms systems, the network is able to continue working through extreme weather conditions.

“Armstrong Bell have been providing both analogue and digital telecoms systems since 2001,” Will added. “We’re now expanding our team and intend to supply our growing list of customers with the best telephony and broadband packages to help them meet the demands of the modern digital age.”


Helping customers to tailor services

The company also offer business mobile packages that can be used by multiple carriers, helping customers to tailor services for their specific requirements.  

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