If you are in need of a strong and hard-wearing material for your project, thermoplastics may be something you wish to consider. A thermoplastic is a type of plastic (usually a plastic polymer) that has the ability to become pliable or mouldable when heated, but solidifies upon cooling. These properties make thermoplastics a great material to work with for all different types of projects, as the plastics can be reshaped using polymer-processing techniques such as extrusion and plastic injection moulding.

Here at Eagle Plastics, we stock a huge selection of thermoplastics with varying qualities and applications, however we aim to provide thermoplastics that are generally versatile for lots of different uses which is why we are proud to be PETG suppliers.

PETG Properties

There are many different PETG properties that can be appealing to customers but its popularity is most likely down to its outstanding thermoforming characteristics. It is sold in the form of clear transparent sheeting made from thermoplastic co-polymers. PETG has a very high impact resistance, even at low temperatures and can be fabricated using the appropriate techniques such as drilling, milling and vacuum forming.

Low energy combustion

PETG Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol offers low energy combustion and short production during the thermoforming processes and is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly material to use for your project or business. Combining all of the PETG properties together creates one of the most versatile thermoplastics available. So if you are looking for something to be moulded and fabricated again and again, without losing durability or resistance, then PETG could be the material for you.

PETG Applications

PETG properties make the thermoplastic available for use in a wide range of applications, but due to the fact it is easy to screen print, the thermoplastic often lends itself to the advertising and signage industry. Common applications within this industry include sign making, Point of Sale displays in shops and events and display racks.

High impact resistance

PETG’s high impact resistance however, means that the material is also used to produce protective face shields and motorcycle screens. PETG properties also make it an ideal thermoplastic for soap, detergent and oil bottles.


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