In buildings, the floor is the area that has the most wear and so needs the most maintenance. Hygienic floor coatings give chemical protection, are impact resistant and relatively low in cost for a  simple application.

Suit a certain environment

Floor coatings are mostly used as a defensive layer by your average flooring contractor who should ensure any industrial flooring includes a hygiene coating for floors. As a result there are many different types of hygienic resin flooring to a customer to choose as each type of industrial flooring has a different characteristic to suit a certain environment.

Industrial flooring

hygienic floor coatingsFor most customers the main issue for hygienic floor coatings is the long life of the floor coatings. It should help protect against corrosion, prevent moisture damage and be low maintenance. Industrial flooring is the term most likely used when people speak of hygienic resin flooring or floor coatings. As a flooring contractor, Protective Surface Coatings can supply all types of industrial flooring from stone and vinyl to hygienic coatings for floors and hygienic resin flooring.

Floor coatings are often manufactured to suit a particular environment and requirement. For example, a business that wants to impress their customers who visit the site want to ensure the factory is  aesthetically pleasant and has hygienic resign flooring. Meanwhile, a heavy industrial flooring will be needed in grimy areas the customers seldom see, but which are equally important for hygienic floor coatings.

All these different type of floor coatings can be used for commercial and residential buildings or heavy duty industrial flooring.

Hygienic coatings for floors

At Protective Surface Coatings, hygienic coatings for floors is a specialism, an important product given that health and safety is so paramount in today’s work place. Our hygienic floor coatings are well known  in the industry where we supply industrial flooring and floor coatings of the toughest quality. After all, they have to be hardwearing to deal with the oil spillages, heavy machinery, industrial grease and all the other wear and tear on the environment.  

Tough and durable

The industrial flooring is an area which has to be kept safe and clean. At  Protective Surface Coatings our hygienic floor coatings make sure that is the case. Our industrial flooring comprises plastic that is tough and durable and can withstand anything at any heavy industrial factory.

Our wide range

We have a wide range of hygienic coatings for floors, for all business sectors. If you are interested in hygienic floor coatings from a premier industrial flooring manufacturer, then visit our website to read about our hygienic resin flooring or call us on 01562 750999.

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