When it comes to large scale manufacturing, Stephens Gaskets is definitely a company
you can turn to. With over forty years in the industry designing and producing shims,
washers and gaskets, we are experts in our trade with a passion for all things

Ever-growing from day one

Established in 1947, our business has been ever-growing from day one and now, with a
wide and complex understanding of the products and materials we make and use, we
are able to provide a service to some of the world’s most popular, well-used industries;
including the automotive, aerospace, and rail industries.

Growing as a company

We are always looking for new ways to grow as a company, and as the industry
continues to develop, we strive to keep up-to- date with all the latest equipment and
manufacturing techniques available; one example of this, is our batch laser cutting
service, which we proudly use to produce quality shims.

Shims at Stephens Gaskets

As one of the country’s leading shim manufacturers, Stephens Gaskets are proud to be
able offer a shim producing service that is almost limitless. We understand that each
and every mechanism differs from the next, which is why we offer our shims in a huge
variety of materials, shapes, sizes and thicknesses, to ensure we can provide you with a
product that meets all your requirements. The shims we offer our customers are all
made from the finest sourced materials, we pride ourselves on the consistently high
quality that runs through all of our products, in both large and small scale batches.

Batch laser cutting service for bespoke products

One service we are particularly proud to offer our customers here at Stephens Gaskets
is our batch laser cutting service. Using highly powerful and accurate lasers, we can cut
through sheets of metals and polymers to create bespoke shims that are tailored
specifically to customer’s personal requests. This method is extremely accurate, which
means we can create custom and often-complex laser cut parts that are faultless from
start to finish. Our batch laser cutting service is also economical, particularly for
customers who require large-scale batches of shims; the method calculates exactly how
many components can be cut from each sheet material, ensuring optimum yield and
little material wastage.

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about laser cut parts from Stephens Gaskets,
please call 0121 544 5808 to speak to a member of our team who can offer you more
information and a free quote if required. Alternatively, you can visit our website at laser cutting.
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