When a business needs specialist laser cutting in the West Midlands, it’s no secret that many of them look no further than regional giant, Stephen’s Gaskets. Moreover, ensuring that new customers are won over by its cutting edge technology of laser cut steel techniques, Stephen’s Gaskets has pioneered new ways to produce laser cut products and has become one of the most successful laser cutting businesses in the UK.

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Along with its highly regarded laser cut steel products, Stephen’s Gaskets has recently been able to boast about a new acquisition which goes above and beyond its laser cut expertise. This season it has joined ranks with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, the Midland’s most successful football team of the 2017-18 season. As part of its push to be recognised as a premier laser cutting West Midlands service, Stephen’s Gaskets has sponsored the Wolves goalie, John Ruddy.

For avid fans of Wolves, John Ruddy has been the backbone of the team this season and will almost certainly be appearing in the Premier League next year.  It’s a testament to Stephen’s Gaskets and its reputation as a service for laser cutting, that the company spotted John Ruddy as a talent and decided to promote him as the region’s best goalkeeper.  

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As Stephen’s Gaskets is now identified with the success of Wolves and John Ruddy,  the company is going from strength to strength as a laser cutting West Midlands business and last cutting Birmingham specialist, and is a nationally regarded laser cutting  specialist.  Joking aside, Stephen’s Gaskets is now among the premier league of laser cut steel experts.  

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The laser cutting UK services provided by Stephen’s Gaskets include the most specialist and professional laser cut processes in the country. The laser cutting comes in a number of different sizes and shapes, creating regular standard sizes or bespoke shims and washer created for customers.

As with John Ruddy’s winning ways, Stephen’s Gaskets laser cutting West Midlands service gives a faultless performance, ensuring the company creates quality products, fast and efficiently. These products can be at a customer’s manufacturing plant within 24 hours. But it’s not just laser cut steel, Stephen’s Gaskets uses lasers to cut materials as diverse as rubber and plastic. These laser cutting services need a huge degree of accuracy and specialism, which is why the company is associated with successful teams like Wolves and their goalie, John Ruddy.

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