At Pym and Wildsmith we’re often asked about metal shot blasting. What is it? What does it do?

Metal shot blasting or industrial shot blasting is when you remove dirt, grease, oil and oxides before the powder coating is carried out on a surface. If you don’t ensure the surface is free of all the different elements, then you’ll have an uneven surface and a pretty tough job when it comes to powder coating.

Industrial shot blasting will make sure that any steel surface is cleaned to a bare white metal, ensuring the best possible surface essential for paint, powder and other coatings, Indeed, blasting and powder coating tend to go hand in hand.

Our shot blasting service

For any customer, our shot blasting service involves abrasive blasting or shot blasting to ensure there’s surface texturing and the necessary preparation, finishing and degreasing. When you undertake metal shot blasting you strengthen, clean and polish metal and this is all usually done in a  blast room. This room houses the industrial shot blasting system and something called a dust collector. Most metal shot blasting rooms will also have recycling systems which can manually reclaim the industrial blast.

This type of metal shot blasting is generally used in most industries. It’s very efficient preparatory work for almost all metal elements in sectors such as automotive, construction, shipbuilding, rail, and aerospace, to name a few.

Standing out from shot blasting companies

Different shot blasting companies provide different shot blasting services and all have their own metal shot blasting techniques. With Pym and Wildsmith you’re receiving a premier shot blasting service; we like to think that we stand out amongst other shot blasting companies. With us your project is in the hands of specialists who will oversee all the work – from the preparation and industrial shot blasting to powder coating and completion.  We will also make sure that all components are given a new coat and are all sprayed within a few hours to stop any oxidisation.

As we referred to above, our shot blasting service is so versatile it can be applied to almost any industry, large or small.

If you’d like to know more about our metal shot blasting service, please call our team on 01889 565 65. We’re always on hand to give you any advice about our shot blasting service. Likewise, please visit the shot blasting page our website for more information.  

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