At Stephens Gaskets, we make a range of stainless steel shim washers and have been doing it for more than seven decades.  And in most of that time we’ve been the leading stainless steel shim washer suppliers in the UK.


Get exactly the right product

We produce stainless steel shims in various dimensions and widths to ensure our customers receive exactly the right product. As shim washer manufacturers, our stainless steel shim washers are crucial for the efficient wellbeing of our customers’ plant and machinery.  

Not everyone knows this, but shim steel prevents damage from all the many vibrations that different components make when operating within moving machines. As shim washer suppliers, we believe it’s vitally important to supply customers with the right shim for their machinery. These can be off-the-peg stainless steel shim washers or more bespoke packages of shim steel.

Shim Washer Suppliers

Our professionals are probably the UK’s best qualified engineers who can help to design bespoke steel shims. And this is important for your business because a badly made shim will cause untold damage to your machinery if they’re not fitted properly.  

We are shim washer suppliers  who manufacture for a wide range of industries, including construction, automotive, aerospace and heavy industry. Out steel shims help racing cars to win in Formula1 and also help oil giants such as BP build their rigs in the most inaccessible places in the world.


Big and small working well

Our stainless steel shim washers ensure all these industrial components, big and small, work – and work well. Using steel shims can significantly reduce wear and tear on machines by wedging any gaps to keep it operating accurately.


Global client base

With a client base that is truly global, at Stephens Gaskets we have the know how and the  expertise to provide our customers with the highest quality stainless steel shim washers to keep the parts moving.

If you are looking for shim washer manufacturers who can supply for big and small jobs, anywhere in the UK and abroad, then Stephen’s Gaskets can offer a standard or bespoke service. If you want big or small volumes, we have the right tools for your job.


Get in touch

Call us for advice on 0121 5445808. We’re one of the premier UK stainless steel shim suppliers and we’ll tailor our services for your particular job. Alternatively, visit our website to find out more on Stainless Steel Shim for the latest updates to our product line. Read our previous blog on precision shim washers.