Leading providers of telephony systems Armstrong Bell specialise in offering versatile communication platforms that can be implemented into a wide range of businesses and establishments – including schools. Recently, the team of specialists have provided a brand-new communication upgrade to the Wilfred Owen School’s system.

Armstrong Bell are leading experts in networking and telecommunication platforms and were delighted to work with the school and offer them a solution that would fulfil all of their networking and communication requirements; upgrading and expanding their current system.


NEC/PBX System for the Wilfred Owen School

Being a full-time running establishment, the Wilfred Owen School needed the transition over to a new platform needed to be as smooth and fast as possible – causing minimum disruption to staff, pupils and parents. To get the process started, Armstrong Bell sent one of their trained team members to the school to begin making minor adaptations in order to make the actual change-over as simple as it could be.

The company performed a thorough assessment to the school’s current telecommunications  platform before deciding that a new NEC/PBX phone system should be installed along with SIP trunks. Adding SIP trunking to the new strategy made the communication platform highly cost-effective – it has previously shown to decrease monthly operating costs of around 50%.  In addition to these systems, it was also decided to implement a brand-new Fibre broadband system that is managed by Armstrong Bell themselves. The Wilfred Owen School deals with an all-manner of in and out of house calls, and the installation of this new and highly advanced telephone system meant that calls and networking became a much simpler process to handle and maintain.


Communication Upgrade – Simple transitioning process

Armstrong Bell were pleased to report that the transitioning process was completed fast and with ease; without even having to change the telephone numbers. Commenting on the simple transfer process, Lynne Hughes who is the School Business Manager said “The transition to the new service has been seamless with no problems encountered at all”. Now, all of the school’s services can be contained in one place effectively while future-proofing their telephone system too.

The Wilfred Owen School are already extremely happy with their new communications platform with Lynne saying that the system will “take us forward into the future with confidence as we were aware our old system was out of date and had in fact failed on us”. Armstrong Bell hope that The Wilfred Owen School continues to reap the fantastic benefits that their networking solutions can offer!

If you are interested in finding out more information about how Armstrong Bell telecommunication systems can benefit your establishment, then call 01527 834850 to speak to a member of their team.