Industrial Floor Coating

Industrial flooring is the generic term used when referring to a permanent industrial floor coating, or when installing a heavy duty industrial floor. Factory flooring is broadly classified with materials such as laminates, carpets, vinyl, stone and tile. These are all used for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

At Protective Surface Coatings Ltd, flooring is – excuse the pun – our bread and butter. We  are an industrial flooring supplier who installs heavy duty industrial floors and flooring systems. All the finest factory flooring should be tough and hardwearing to cope with even the most trying of environments, from heavy plant to oil spillages, clouds of dust and the ever present grease.

Avoid possible health and safety issues

The industrial floor is a work space that needs to be kept clean and safe and at Protective Surface Coatings Ltd  we make sure that happens. While few staff working in a busy industrial setting pay much notice to the factory floor, for us that is the key area of focus. If you ensure the heavy duty industrial floor is kept in good condition, you’ll avoid all the possible health and safety issues that haunt owners of manufacturing businesses. How often do people pay any heed to the factory floor when they’re working? But one slip, slide or tumble could mean a disability or even worse.

Hard wearing

Our tough industrial floor coating consist of hard wearing plastic that has a bright, durable sheen ensuring an attractive, hard wearing workspace. It can withstand almost anything that a busy manufacturing plant can throw at it.

Plenty of experience

As a premier industrial flooring supplier Protective Surface Coatings Ltd has long experience of  installing your heavy duty industrial floor. As a result we have a huge range of flooring systems, for all business sectors, from light manufacturing to heavy industry. As well as hard wearing, our factory flooring is bright and easy to clean. People really do like to work on the industrial floor we supply. It’s a world away from the dirty, industrial factory settings most people expect to see when they enter an industrial workspace.


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