Sound Absorbing Foam

Acoustic foams are an essential part of the entertainment industry, preventing soundwaves from bouncing off brittle surfaces, such as walls and ceilings. So instead of sound reflecting off the walls the sounds is absorbed by the acoustic soundproofing foam. That’s what we offer our clients at Rocon Foam – peace of mind and just, well, peace.

Block control of sound waves

Although it’s not totally soundproof, our  acoustic foams reduces noise and is designed to help to block control of sound waves to ensure the noise is held within the area of generation, rather than outside. So, for example, our sound absorbing foam is ideal for theatres, cinemas, music venues and sound recording studies. Likewise, it’s also invaluable in commercial installation, where noise is contained within the workshop, garage or manufacturing plant.

We have it covered

Homeowners and building professionals will always want to use some form of sound absorbing foam look to dampen sounds, although the noise problems they’re trying to solve may be markedly different.  So you may be working with an engineer in designing the perfect space sound recording studio, or deal with home renovations or a noisy workshop in an urban area, we have it covered.

Highest Standards

At Rocon Foam, we have achieved the highest standard of accredited recognition with the ISO9001 mark as a trusted supplier and standard bearer of acoustic foam panels and foam products generally.


Importantly, our acoustic tiles are fire proof providing HVAC, buildings, and the furniture and construction industries with top quality products that are able to resist fire, oils, chemicals, acid and heat. Also, our fire resistant sound absorbing foam meets FMVSS302, UL94 HF1 and Class O standards.

Efficient and easy to use

Of course, great benefits of our acoustic soundproofing foam is how easy it is to put them together – so they’re working for you quickly. Most people are able to put the foam products  in situ. It’s efficient and easy to use; you won’t have to rebuild your house or workshop if for any reason the soundproofing acoustic foam needs to be removed.

It’s also worth pointing out that along with noise control, our acoustic foam panels can add protection against humidity, heat and drafts.

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