High Impact Polystyrene suppliers are currently in high demand globally as high impact polystyrene products and the HIPS range are driven by an increase in worldwide consumption of styrene derivatives, which accounts for some 25% of global consumption. Much of this growth is off the back of the world’s booming construction and consumer products industries, from China and the UK, to the US and Australia. A raft of industries are now looking at high impact polystyrene and the diverse HIPs range for product solutions.

High Impact Polystyrene suppliers

The general purpose polystyrene market is the largest consumer of HIPS, accounting for almost 35% of worldwide styrene. But one company that is now considered to be a major supplier of high impact polystyrene products such as polystyrene plastic sheet is the UK’s Eagles Plastics Ltd.

The West Midlands-based high impact polystyrene suppliers know all about the HIPS range. The huge range of high impact polystyrene products manufactured by Eagles Plastics involves a number of products including aignage, hot and cold drinking cups, audio-visual equipment, computer housings, toys and a multitude of household fixtures. The company’s HIPS range is as diverse as it is flexible, which is why customers now enquire about the high impact polystyrene Eagles Plastics supplies from across the UK and abroad.

High Impact Polystyrene products

HIPS products are durable and tough, yet can be moulded, sawn and routered for customers. As this high impact polystyrene sheet is thermoplastic, it is shaped by intense heat and then moulded into products that customers require.  The HIPS range of plastic has a high tensile strength and low volatility, which means it’s ideal for recycling. It seldom thermosets and as result can be re-moulded into a huge line of different products to suit any industry.  


HIPs range at competitive prices

As leading high impact polystyrene suppliers, Eagles Plastics offers a wide range of colours, textures and dimensions of the HIPs range of competitive prices. The company has its own national delivery service that ensures products are delivered straight to the customer’s door from the warehouse.


For all enquiries regarding high impact polystyrene products and polystyrene plastic sheets, please call us on 0116 276 6363. We can give you a free quote and show you our huge HIPS range. Or visit our website,  for more information on our range of high impact polystyrene products.

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