The floor coatings market in Europe, North America and across the Asia-Pacific is showing exceptional growth for the next 10 years as a result of rising investments in infrastructure projects, particularly fast growing economies such as South Korea, China and India.

Epoxy flooring

Competition among manufacturers for supplying industrial epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coatings is reaching fever pitch worldwide on the back of increasing investments in a number of industrial sectors. Such capital investment is expected to be particularly large in the floor coatings and adhesive market in Asia-Pacific and Central Asia.

Overall, investment  in industrial epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coatings – just part of the floor adhesives market – soared in Asia as well as North America and Europe, accounting for the largest share in demand for global floor adhesives. Within Europe, the UK and Germany were responsible for the largest demand in the floor coatings adhesive market in 2016.

Industrial epoxy flooring

Furthermore, analysts have highlighted an increase in epoxy flooring in designer buildings and not just in manufacturing warehouses and hospitals. One US designer – James Saavedra – said that  the sleek toughness of white epoxy flooring should be used in state-of-the-art buildings; homes, galleries etc, and not just be confined to factory floors.

Saavedra even used epoxy flooring on own his 700-square-foot floor at his home in Texas. He now confesses that the epoxy floor coating is the best decision he ever made.

Epoxy floor coating

The news that the floor coatings sector – and that one inspiring architect is using it in homes and galleries – will come as no surprise to Protective Surface Coatings Ltd. The company has been an expert in epoxy resin floors for decades, providing commercial and industrial customers with floor coatings  that are attractive and durable.


Huge benefits

The huge benefits of epoxy flooring includes the resistance to fire, slippage,  and extremely high temperatures. The upshot is that this can prevent accidents and also give a commercial or industrial building a long-lasting resistance necessary against all hazards. Moreover, as epoxy floor coatings are highly reflective, this gives a high gloss finish that helps to brighten up the work place.


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