The powder curing oven products industry, which involves powder coating ovens, powder coating and infrared powder oven products, is predicted to increase exponentially during the next five years.

Powder curing ovens

The market is based in developed regions such as North America and the EU, although emerging markets in the Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America are fast on their heels. Two years ago, powder curing oven products in Asia-Pacific accounted for some 45% of the market with the rise of investor appetite in household goods, every-day utilities and furniture, combined with a range of products in the automotive and  manufacturing sectors.  

Paint drying oven

In the emerging markets of Latin America, a notable rise in demand was reported for powder coating ovens, for producing goods in the electronics sector and light manufacturing industries. Furthermore, with more wealth now evident in personal incomes in countries such as India, China and Indonesia, this rise in more disposable income has result in additional powder curing oven products associated with domestic good such as fridge freezers, washing machines and microwave ovens.

For Midlands-based TD Finishing, these emerging market opportunities have been a major driver in its expansion programme, which now includes infrared powder oven products.

Infrared powder oven products

powder curing oven productsFor companies in this sector, increasing demand worldwide is also resulting in new methods and techniques such as the use of infrared powder ovens.  How these work is that the powder drying oven has air inside which is recirculated by a large fan, while being heated by a burner. This is mounted in an insulated chamber with air burners and modulating gas, and to ensure the most efficient operating  consumption. The paint drying oven incorporates air seals at the entrance and exit areas to lessen the heat loss. The process is handled by our team of specialists with years of experience operating ovens for powder curing products.


Along with its infrared ovens, TD Finishing is also well known for running  university graduate on-the-job training programmes. This draws on a pool of local graduate talent in the Midlands and helps young people to understand the techniques of working with powder coating.

To this end, the company has been working with Wolverhampton University, training with graduates  on its powder curing oven products. One graduate worked on powder coating oven design for Salop Powder Coating Ltd, based in Shrewsbury. This has since become the subject of much discussion among manufacturers of West Midlands powder coating companies.

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