Sponsorship Deal

The England international, was chosen by Stephen’s Gaskets as an example of a Midlands success story. Wolves are currently at the top of the Football League’s Championship division and look set for the Premier League next season.

Hugely successful manufacturer

Stephen’s Gaskets are themselves a well established and hugely successful Birmingham-based manufacturer that exports gaskets, shims and washers across the UK and worldwide.

Indeed, the company is no stranger to sport and has supplied it’s products to Formula 1 racing teams for some years.

Stephen’s Gaskets mainly manufactures laser cut shims and washer, either bespoke, or in quantity to a number of different industries from light manufacturing and north sea oil rigs, to the automotive sector and heavy industrial plant

Strength, Durability and Longevity

The company’s  laser cut metal and steel washers are renowned for their strength, durability and longevity. These elements are intrinsic to the quality products manufactured by Stephen’s Gaskets. As shims and washers manufacturers, the company ensures that all the shims and steel washers made by the company are able to withstand the most intense workload.


Any light industrial business that runs machinery understands how important it is to buy in precision-made laser cut shims and washers to ensure the the smooth running and longevity of their machinery.  

Specialist laser cutting manufacturers

Stephen’s Gaskets laser cutting service is at the forefront of specialist laser cutting manufacturers in the UK. The laser cut steel is made into all shapes and sizes and this helps to create standardised shims and washers – and it also manufactures more bespoke products for customers.

Indeed, the shims, washers and foils produced by Stephen’s Gaskets are manufactured to the highest quality and are hugely versatile.


Ensuring a mark of excellence

People often fail to realise how tough and hard working shims and steel washers can be. They ensure that all the strain is taken from the engine’s moving parts, ensuring expensive machinery stays in excellent condition, while the shims and washers take all the wear and tear. It’s not dissimilar to the winning combination of Wolves FC and John Ruddy. Every month Stephen’s Gaskets and John Ruddy produce the goods that ensures a mark of excellence for both their owners.


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