A poorly designed wardrobe costs the same to build as a well-designed wardrobe. So, why not take inspiration from Stylish German Bedrooms and get the most out of every inch of space? A bespoke sliding wardrobe can draw the eye to clean crisp lines and great modern wardrobe design features. With an extensive choice of sliding wardrobe doors made to measure, they’re ideal for small and awkward spaces. These wardrobes are particularly great for loft rooms that require an angled wardrobe door. From coloured sliding wardrobe doors to mirrored sliding wardrobe door designs, we can create something just for you.


Maximise room space with a bespoke sliding wardrobe

With a bespoke sliding wardrobe, you can ensure that the space in your room is being used to its full potential.


How big?

First things first, decide on the size of the wardrobe before you start thinking about the design. If you’re savvy with the space, you don’t necessarily need to take up the entirety of a wall just to fit everything in. By building your wardrobe based only on how much hanging space you need, you leave room for everything else such as a large bed, dressing table, or anything else you might want, without compromising the feeling of space. You might also find that you save money.

When drafting out the design of your fitted wardrobe, make sure you consider the available space in all directions. Bear in mind the space up to the ceiling, horizontally across the whole wall, and down to the floor. There’s lots of storage space you can maximise when you carefully utilise the space.


Know your storage style.

It’s important to know how you like to store things, do you like your jumpers to be folded on shelves? Will you hang your shirts? Trousers? Do you pair your socks and put them in a drawer or throw them all in together? Knowing the answers to these kinds of questions will help you evaluate how much space you need for each element of the wardrobe design.

Aim to create practical spaces at eye level, this will benefit you when it comes to choosing out your clothes on a day-to-day basis. Also remember that most fitted wardrobes are designed with far too much hanging space and not enough shelf or drawer storage areas.



Make sure the space you design is usable, this means looking at the ergonomics. You don’t want to be standing on the bed to reach for things or crawling on the floor to find things. Design your space more ergonomically and you’ll be able to use the space more efficiently and find everything you need. This will also make it much easier to keep tidy.

Ideally, you will position the shelves above the hanging space. You don’t want to make the shelves too deep, this is how things get lost at the back. Remember, if you’re building a wardrobe you want to build it to be as functional as possible. Generally, 14 inches in depth is more than enough, with 10 inches between shelves for optimal sizing. If things aren’t stacked one in front of the other you can pile clothes to the top of the shelf. This avoids having to reach behind, which also means you can see everything you have.



Choosing a bespoke sliding wardrobe

Our experts are here to help so if you have a particular colour, style or idea in mind, we can help bring that idea to life. Each bespoke sliding wardrobe door is fitted with smooth, soft close door runner system. This means the days of your sliding doors getting stuck or leaping off the tracks is over. Open the sliding doors to reveal your very own bespoke wardrobe  designed to store all your clothes and personal items. From neatly stacked jumpers on a shelf, to hanging rails full of dresses and drawers for underwear and socks, every storage requirement is tailored to your storage needs.

If you’re looking for fitted wardrobes in York or nationwide, contact your local showroom today or call 01904 924505 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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