Dog handling services from 4 Forces – because extra security doesn’t have to mean extra guards.

Sometimes you just need an extra edge to your security. Something different, or something additional. In this modern day, it is imperative that we at 4 Forces can offer you a full range of security options, including dog handling services.

Dog handling services are used in a wide range of different businesses, in a variety of manners. Some clients like to use exclusively dogs, whereas some like to use dogs in addition to their security guards. Our guard dogs are highly trained by professional handlers, so that you can rely on our dogs to protect your business. At 4 Forces we always work with you to ensure that you receive the very best security to suit your business.

All our dog handlers are professionally trained and are members of both the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and the British Institute of Professional Dog Handlers. With these accreditations you can rest assured that just as your 4 Forces security guards are trained to the highest level, so are your 4 Forces security guard dogs. Many would-be intruders are often deterred by the presence of guard dogs, and if they are not then our experienced guard dogs are trained to alert their handlers to any security breaches in their patrol area, thereby easily protecting a large area with great ease and speed of response. Our guard dogs are trained to react to alarms, so that you know that should any security breach arise, our 4 Forces dogs will respond immediately and swiftly. In the unfortunate event of a security breach with aggressive or multiple intruders, guard dogs really excel at swiftly bringing the situation under control and supporting the security guards. With our experienced, qualified security guards being supported by their highly trained guard dogs, you know that your business is protected whatever the level of threat.

If you would like to discuss dog handling with us at 4 Forces, or any other aspects of security management, please contact us for an initial, informal conversation. Call us on 0845 003 9500, or email us at Our last blog update was an article on Reception Security Concierges, check it out to find out more information.

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