Excel Courses

Excel courses continue to be the bedrock of our core business. We have developed a whole range of courses to enable staff to progress through the levels of Excel.

Here’s a summary of what’s in each Excel course:

Excel Course LevelContent Description
BasicLayout of the screen, customisation of the workplace, formatting of cell, formula symbols, Relative and Absolute referencing, freezing/hiding columns and rows and conditional formatting.
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IntermediateChart creation, sorting, sub totalling and filtering, IF Statements, multi workbook and sheet consolidations and protecting cells.
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AdvancedAdvanced charting, Text and Logical functions, advanced filtering, nested IF statements, Vlookups, Pivot Tables and Charts and simple Macros.
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Master ClassThis workshop style course includes nested functions, macro problems with a little VBA, advanced Pivot Tables and Charts, nested Indirect, Match, Index functions, problem solving in teams, MS Query, Scenarios and conditional formatting using formulas.
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Customer Comments

Here are some comments off staff who’ve been on our excel courses:


Hints and Tips

We also provide a blog of hints and tips which you probably get notification of:


We can also bespoke i.e. build a course specially for you from existing course material – just ask us! We can also deliver courses using your own data as well as ours. If you wish to ask about bespoke courses, please email johnlegge@jplcomputer.co.uk.

We wish you every success this year and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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