HuddersfieldHuddersfield Shoot Out

In the Championship final between Huddersfield and Reading, it was the West Yorkshire team that came out on top. With a full time score of 0-0, a tense penalty shoot out came into play between the two teams. After goal keeper, Danny Ward saved a strike from Reading player Jordan Obita, it was inevitable that Huddersfield would go on to win and get a well deserved promotion into the Premier League for the first time ever. It’s been a long time coming as the club haven’t played in the top flight since 1972, proving a remarkable performance that will see them get £170m over the next 3 seasons.

Through 120 minutes of game play, neither team could guide the ball to the back of the net; however, it was Huddersfield that dominated the match with a couple of near misses within the first 10 minutes from players Aaron Mooy and Izzy Brown.

Terriers Bite Back

Underdogs from the start, the Terriers had a point to prove and did so terrifically, form the first minute, right through to the last. Although no goals were scored, they set themselves up a number of times for some unfortunate misses. They knew exactly what they were doing and worked fluently together to stay in control of the match. David Wagner has done an unbelievable job of planning and strategizing to create this great opportunity for the team, which they were able to execute perfectly in a calm and comfortable manner against the Royals. With a slight wobble during penalties, involving Hefele’s saved shot, this was the only hiccup the team had had and it wasn’t going to be enough to put them off their ‘fairy tale ending’.

Job Done, Effort Lads

The most remarkable point to be made regarding Huddersfields promotion is that they only scored one goal in their 3 play-off games. It seems they have this uncanny ability to win matches, with a one-goal margin in 22 of their 25 wins. Incredibly, they have won all four of their play-off finals, 3 of them on penalties, again proving their ability to hold their own when out on the pitch. The last 3 Championship play-off finals winners have all been relegated straight back down to second tier so it will be interesting to see whether the lads can now go from strength to strength and continue to climb. Theres no doubt that they have the skill and passion to do this, especially with manager Wagner guiding them.

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