Our favourite part of making expertly crafted corporate video isn’t necessarily anything to do with cameras, lights or microphones. It’s when a client sighs with relief after a shoot and goes, “That was so much easier than I thought it was going to be!” Most people don’t relish the experience of talking on camera, so there are two really important things we take care of when we are shooting interview content: 1) Does the client look and sound good on camera? 2) Are they comfortable? Fortunately, we’re experts at managing both of these.  

Look good on camera..

Ensuring our clients look and sound great on camera is an obvious part of our job as videographers, and that’s why we are constantly investing in our equipment. Professional lights and lenses are to be expected, but it’s also important to be mindful of keeping equipment as minimal and non-intrusive as possible whilst achieving the highest quality. Many clients aren’t particularly excited at the prospect of film crews taking over their work spaces with lots of equipment that can disrupt their working day, so we put a lot of emphasis on communication ahead of a shoot to reassure clients that we will take as little of their time and space as possible.  

No pressure..

The client appearing comfortable on camera is, for us, far more important than any fancy piece of filmmaking equipment. We’ve all seen corporate videos where a CEO is reading robotically from a script, and I believe that our on-set coaching during interviews really gets the best out of people when they’re on camera. Again, this comes from preparation, experience and taking the time to get to know our client. All of our interviews start with a no-pressure conversation, and there’s plenty of time put aside for a client to get warmed up in front of the camera. Once the interview is in motion, there will always be someone behind the lens to guide you through your interview and ensure that any specifics you wanted to cover make it into the final piece.  

Engaging and effective videos..

A shoot we completed recently for a charity based in Birmingham called Suited For Success shows you what our behind the scenes process looks like, and goes in to a bit more detail on why we do the things we do. We’re convinced that if we demystify the video production process, the client will be empowered to produce a video which is engaging and effective whilst remaining on budget and on time. While interviews can be intimidating, it’s important to remember that our job is to make you look and sound confident. Fortunately we’re very good at it!