Keyholding Service at 4 Forces – for all life’s eventualities

At 4 Forces we offer a range of security services to meet every need. One of these is our highly respected Keyholding service. This is an excellent provision that covers a whole host of eventualities and means that you are covered for whatever arises.

It is not possible to be at your business every hour of the day and also can be difficult to find employees who are willing to come out day or night to respond to alarms. Often the people who lock up your business at night may not be the people who you would want to respond to an emergency. If you use our Keyholding service you can transfer this responsibility to 4 Forces, thereby overcoming these problems.

With the 4 Forces Keyholding service we can be your main Keyholder and can respond appropriately to any given alarm. Leaving your keys with us means you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the security of your property. You can focus on running your business, leaving us to focus on protecting it.

Modern alarms are very good, but the downside of this means that they are highly sensitive and can be triggered by events other than intruders. Should you be the victim of a break in, you can rest assured that our highly trained personnel will deal with the incident swiftly and professionally. As part of our Keyholding service we are well-practised in being called out for a variety of different reasons, from leaks to mice.

As approved contractors for the provision of Keyholding service for the Security Industry Authority (SIA) we will always act with knowledge and integrity. 4 Forces endeavour to bring all their clients satisfaction for an affordable price, which is why our happy clients are located all across the United Kingdom.

If you would like to discuss Keyholding service with us at 4 Forces, or any other aspects of security management such as reception security and concierges or dog handling, please contact us for an initial, informal conversation. Call us on 0845 003 9500, email us at or visit our website. You can also visit our previous blog update on Security Service to find out what else we have to offer.

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