PowerPoint Lives On! –

Some say its dead, others say “old hat” but I say it lives on!

There are several new features in the latest version of PowerPoint and none more fun and simply impressive than those found on the Mix Tab.

PowerPoint Lives - Mix Tab

We’ve created a simple link to a mix for you to see:

  • An interactive quiz app
  • A screen recording

https://mix.office.com/watch/qnym4s3ttvxn?lcid=1033 (make sure you turn your volume on!)

Also, there are new designs and the ability to present online, create a video of your show and include an app (like you would on your phone).

We’ve use PowerPoint or the following reasons and in the following settings:

  • Summarising 20 years in business to a group
  • Explaining a principle in Microsoft Office and then by email
  • Creating a Photo slide show
  • In a small conference room loping the slide show

You’ve probably got your own ideas. Enjoy and innovate.

For details on our courses on PowerPoint please see https://www.jplcomputer.co.uk/microsoft-office-training.html


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