As the owner of Stanfield Nursing Home I am passionate about ensuring our residents at our Worcestershire care home have the best possible safe and effective care and attention. To do this I enrolled the help of 402k Consultancy.

I am very eager to understand and apply new care standards that are being introduced by Government around safeguarding in the nursing home. Two recent benchmarks include the introduction of the new law, the Care Act, April 2015, and the Nursing and Midwifery Council new Code (NMC Code), March 2015, a code of conduct that nurses have to follow.

Delivering The New Safeguarding Best Practice at our Worcestershire Care Home

These new standards go a long way to put into practice the necessary safeguarding for residents at nursing homes around the country. In Stanfield Nursing Home, to ensure we are applying these new procedures responsibly, I approached 402k Consultancy.  402k are an independent safeguarding consultancy set up by a registered nurse and I asked them to run a training programme at our Worcestershire care home for our nursing staff to link the two and bring to life the practical implementation of these new standards on a day-to-day basis in a nursing home setting.

The session around safeguarding in our care home Worcester involved the Adult Safeguarding Level One training course. This was hugely popular with our nursing staff, drawing on the links between safeguarding of older people in a care setting and the code for registered nurses, all of whom have a safeguarding responsibility. The key features of the course were recognising different forms of abuse, and managing and referral of abuse or suspected abuse.

Heritage Manor Care Homes were also looking for similar training and so arrangements were made to deliver the training and benefit both nursing homes.  In all, two sessions were delivered by 402k Consultancy – one to registered managers/nurses of Heritage Manor Care Homes and the second to the Registered Nurses of Stanfield Nursing Home.

All said they’d received excellent training, helping them to understand better how their responsibility and requirements under the NMC code linked with best safeguarding practices, and it was a huge boost for their careers. They were given guidance around spotting and reporting safeguarding issues and linking this with policies and procedures in relation to the Care Act and the NMC Code.

All of the staff at Stanfield Nursing Home said the training was first class with a number of learning activities that helped them to truly understand safeguarding in our care home. Further evidence of the benefits of the training was confirmed by a recent Quality Assurance visit by the local Clinical Commissioning Group which identified the session as evidence of good quality training of Stanfield staff.

Karen Rees, director at 402k Consultancy who ran the sessions, said:

“I was very happy to put together this bespoke course. Owner at Stanfield, Richard White, had quite rightly recognised the links between the Care Act and the NMC code.

The research I undertook to deliver this session provided me with a fresh insight as well, so was beneficial to both. The delegates at both sessions were highly enthusiastic, participated well and it was easy to see their dedication to the work they undertake with their very vulnerable residents. I have remained impressed with the level of care delivered at Stanfield and the welcome I received from all the staff.”

It was a ringing endorsement of all our staff here at Stanfield Nursing Home as we all endeavour to understand and apply standards of first class care and attention for our residents – and staff.

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