• The population of the UK grew by an estimated 1,166 people a day between 2017 and 2018.
  • On average, a UK household spends £4.05 a day on water, electricity and gas.
  • 350 people a day were declared insolvent or bankrupt in January to March 2019. This was equivalent to one person every 4 minutes and 7 seconds.
  • 3,567 Consumer County Court Judgements (CCJs) were issued every day in England and Wales in Q1 2019, with an average value of £1,398.
  • Citizens Advice Bureaux in England, Wales and Northern Ireland dealt with 2,527 debt issues every day in the year to May 2019.
  • 15 properties were repossessed every day in Q1 2019, or one every 1 hour and 34 minutes.
  • The number of mortgages with arrears of over 2.5% of the remaining balance fell by 8 a day.
  • The number of people unemployed fell by 307 per day in the year to March 2019.
  • 1,213 people a day reported they had become redundant in January to March 2019.
  • Net lending to individuals and housing associations in the UK grew by £148 million a day in April 2019.
  • Government debt increased by £96.2 million a day in the year to May 2019.
  • Borrowers paid £139 million a day in interest in April 2019.
  • It costs an average of £22.95 per day for a couple to raise a child from birth to the age of 18.
  • For a lone parent family, the cost of raising a child comes to £27.90 per day.
  • 68 mortgage possession claims and 48 mortgage possession orders were made every day in January to March 2019.
  • 337 landlord possession claims and 263 landlord possession orders were made every day.

Personal Debt in the UK

People in the UK owed £1,637 billion at the end of April 2019. This is up from £1,588 billion at the end of April 2018, an extra £946.00 per UK adult over the year.

Type of Personal Debt Total Personal Debt £ billion Per Household £ Per Adult £
Secured (Mortgages) £1,420.3 billion £51,799 £27,093
Unsecured Consumer Debt £217.0 billion £7,914 £4,139
of Which, Credit Card Debt £72.7 billion £2,653 £1,387
Grand Total(April 2019) £1,637.3 billion £59,713 £31,232

Statistics Source: http//www.themoneycharity.org.uk

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