From 2020, BT will reject any new ISDN orders. From 2025, ISDN lines will be officially switched off. The end date of this system is causing a lot of misinformation. Some are saying ISDN is being switched off January 2020 or that ISDN is already switched off for parts of the country. You have until 2025 to make arrangements to move to another system, but it’s much better to get ahead of schedule and do it sooner rather than later.

The History Of ISDN

ISDN replaced the traditional dial up internet connection – modernising the way internet is used in homes. It has been used since the late eighties and technology has evolved a long way since then so cheaper, better options are now available.

The Successor – VOIP

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the successor to ISDN. The service is delivered via your internet in the Cloud. It’s ideal for businesses as it has cheaper cost per call, increased functionality and easy scalability. VOIP is future-proof, as it is designed to be easily upgraded if new technology develops over the coming years.