The Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot is as widely known for sartorial style, as it is the sport itself. It has become a major fashion event and one wrong spaghetti strap can see you turned away at the door.

As part of this year’s Style Guide, Royal Ascot officially welcomes the jumpsuit as an acceptable item of clothing for the Royal Enclosure, as long as it is full length. So what else is acceptable attire for this majestic event?

This year’s dress code has finally been released, and the rules are strict. Bare shoulders are an absolute no-no, midriffs must be covered, and hemlines above the knee will not be allowed. Nor can you wear fascinators. Only hats or headpieces with a solid base of four inches or more in diameter will be permitted.

The cover-up

A smart, tailored, light and pretty overcoat is a worthy investment for summer. This maintains the elegance of the outfit beneath; wearing too little clothing for the weather is a big no-no at the Royal Ascot. Something that is fitted under the arm and around the waist is ideal and extremely flattering. Or, choose a smart dress with sleeves, this too will keep you on the right side of the dress code.

The shoe situation

You should be able to walk tall and proud in your shoes and you must certainly be able to last the entire day wearing them. Be sure to wear a comfy shoe, you are stood up and walking around for a large portion of the day so a sensible shoe option is a must. Opt for a low-ish heel/sandal, block-heel or wedge but keep them elegant.

The deal with hats

The Royal Ascot is the perfect place to parade your fabulous collection of hats. Make sure you try on a selection of styles before you make a decision, finding the right style for you is imperative to pulling it off. Neutral tones like creams, navy and gold’s will work with almost anything if you don’t want to match it exactly to your outfit. And, always make sure you feel comfortable, the last thing you want is to spend the entire day worrying about how you look.

The Fascinator faux pas

Fascinators are no more. So it looks like it’s either a hat or a headband if you don’t want to be seen forgoing the glamorous style. Whatever you choose, remember this is not the time or place for boho trends, think timeless elegance and classic designs.

Finally, the debacle of choosing an appropriate outfit has left you feeling rather worn-out, don’t forget to pack your favourite tipple in one of our discreet Ladies Hip Flasks for a little afternoon pick-me-up.

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