An unlock service can can be invaluable to your business.  As a business owner, if you have had countless sets of keys cut and lost or not returned by staff who are no longer with the company – then you are not alone.  Not only is this an unnecessary expense, but it can also produce a security and insurance risk to your firm.

The key benefits of a lock and unlock service

If you have not yet considered a lock and unlock service for your premises, it may well be worth your while looking at some of the benefits and cost efficiencies that such a service can provide.

For instance, by utilising an unlock service, you can eliminate the need to pay employees additional time to attend the property early to unlock, or late to close and lock up.  If you currently have an employee as a nominated keyholder, what happens when they are absent through sickness, or hazardous road conditions mean that they are late arriving in the morning or unable to get into work at all?   Does this leave your other employees out in the cold?

At 4 Forces, we provide fully trained, professional security guards to carry out lock and unlock services for our clients.  Your premises will be ready for your employees to arrive each day – with lights and air conditioning on, so that your employees are ready to start their day as soon as they arrive.  Our security guards will agree pre-set times for the opening and locking of the premises and will disable any alarms and ensure that the property has not experienced any overnight security breaches, or other issues such as burst pipes or leaks.  

How many times have you walked into your premises and been dismayed that the lights have been left on all night, the blinds left open, or the air conditioning is still running; worst still, a tap has been left running in the rest room?  We can ensure that your premises are left secure, with appliances turned off each day, resulting in the added benefit of reduced utility bills.

For empty properties, a lock and unlock service can prove invaluable; providing a visual deterrent to any unwanted attention, giving a clear message that the property is regularly attended and occupied.  In some instances, employing such a service may result in reduced insurance premiums for unattended properties.

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