Whether you’re looking for peace of mind or being held to ransom by your insurance company, finding someone reliable for your vacant property security is very important if you’re away from home a lot.

Vacant property is at heightened risk from fire, deterioration and criminal activity. If a property falls into a state of disrepair this will consequently increase the risk of criminal damage. Without vacant property checks these risks can lead to significantly higher insurance rates and cost you a huge amount in time and money. Whether a property is lived in or not, owners have a ‘duty of care’ so implementing vacant unit checks makes sense.

With over 40 years in securing vacant property effectively, 4Force offers a complete range of services to ensure your property is well maintained, secure and less likely to attract crime, all factors in helping to retain the value and maintain insurance compliance.

We seek to understand our clients, their requirements and their preferences in order to develop a solution that best suits their property’s individual needs. To achieve this, our process starts and ends with you. We start with free onsite evaluation followed by an in-depth discussion about any risks your property/site poses. From this we will discuss a range of solutions depending on your budget, property location and insurance requirements. The aim of our services is to maintain the condition and value of your property ready for its reoccupation.

Our vacant property security includes:

  • Checking the area for general information regarding squatters or traveller occupation in the area.
  • Empty unit patrols of the entire site/grounds
  • The overall condition of the grounds and a report on the build-up of general rubbish around the property.
  • Checking the buildings physical security of all windows, doors and shutters.
  • Identifying any signs of entry or attempted entry into the property, together with the theft or vandalism of any outside fixtures and fittings.
  • Entering and checking the inside of the property for any structural or water damage, infestations, flush systems to help control the build up of legionella bacteria.
  • Checking gas and electricity supplies have been isolated, taking meter reads where required.
  • A full and detailed report of our property inspection submitted within 24 hours of completion.

Here at 4Forces we feel extremely honoured to be entrusted with your property so in return we guarantee complete satisfaction with our services. We will date and time all inspections and submit them to you in a monthly report, even with the inclusion of photographs to give you total peace of mind.

If you would like more information about these services, or our mobile patrol or keyholding services,  or to book your free onsite evaluation contact us and speak to one of our friendly experts.  You might also like to read our previous blog about Concierge Services.

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