Why switch to a VOIP phone system? Here’s a few reasons

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is phone service over the internet/Cloud. Intended as a replacement for traditional POTS systems, the service is delivered through your internet connection, and is ideal for businesses. Find Out More Here

If you own a business, switching to VOIP is a highly recommended choice.

A secure future – With BT rejecting ISDN orders as early as 2020, upgrading to VOIP now makes sense, since you will need to in the long run and it’s a better system. ISDN had a good run and was dependable for many years, but now it’s end date has been confirmed, the technology and support will deteriorate. Upgrading to VOIP allows you to stay ahead of the curve.

Functionality – Some people worry you will lose certain functions, or their quality will dip since you are relying on the internet. This is not the case; as you are only gaining modern functions like video conferencing. The quality of calls is incredibly high and consistent.

Easy set-up and scalability – Setting up a new user with IDSN can be time consuming due to a need for dedicated cabling; whereas with a VOIP system setting up a new user for your number is easier and smooth.

Accessibility – Your phone system is available from anywhere with an internet connection. This highly optimised access allows you to always be in reach of your customers or staff. This enhances your operation and boosts productivity from the ground up.


We highly recommend our VOIP based phone solution because we use it ourselves and highly rate it, and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients. With the days of ISDN lines numbered, Voice Over Internet Protocol is the secure, efficient upgrade option.

If you fancy a chat or enquiry about the system, call 01212700808 or email into enquiries@it-works.co.uk, we’re always happy to provide more information.