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Making your business conference stand out

Business conferences are incredibly important when it comes to networking and growing as a company. They provide a fantastic platform to present your ideas on and are a great way to help you and your employees develop your knowledge and understanding of the business....

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Keep on trucking

Forklifts are an essential key to a modern warehouse, increasing efficiency of both time and usage of space. However, in order to enhance the safety and performance of the machinery, it is important that your workspace is equipped with heavy duty flooring. There are...

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Why should you rent a generator?

Choosing whether to invest in a generator to rent or to buy can be a tricky decision to make but here at Woodlands Generators we can help you decide. Spending money on a generator doesn’t have to be a costly move but it is important that you have a good idea of how...

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Indestructible Paint Wins Prestigious Export Award

Industrial Paint Manufacturer Indestructible are delighted to have won a major accolade at the prestigious Insider ‘Made in the Midlands’ manufacturing awards. As a Birmingham-based organisation, we overcame competition from leading companies in the area to win the...

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