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UK Motorists Are Driving Fewer Miles

Motorists are driving 21% fewer miles than they did 10 years ago according to the new analysis from automotive data experts cap hpi. The mileage of an average used car aged between 2.5 to 3.5 years old has dropped from 39,583 miles in 2008 to 31,199 in 2018. Older...

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Hypercoat Developments

INDESTRUCTIBLE PAINT BUILDS ON ESTABLISHED DISTRIBUTION CAPABILITY IN AUSTRALASIA. The success of Indestructible Paint Ltd.'s performance coating range has taken another step forward with key developments to its overseas distributor network. Singapore-based Hypercoat,...

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Red Phone Boxes … Further Down the Line

RED PHONE BOXES...FURTHER DOWN THE LINE Following our donation of protective paint for three renovated phone boxes (see full story below), we are now delighted to have added a fourth .... with the help of a little bit of lateral thinking! An iconic phone box was...

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