The results of AIM Internet are very remarkable. For over a decade, the number of companies using our Walsall social media agency has increased year after year. This means that if you aren’t, you’re losing out on a large portion of the market, and your rivals are most likely taking advantage of it.

Despite the statistics, it is nevertheless a vastly under appreciated marketing strategy. Yes, your company most likely uses social media, but are you making the most of it? Social media marketing needs an expert, to handle, prepare, and budget for.

When used correctly, social media will help you develop your brand and attract new customers.

So why do people still ignore it?

1. It’s For Young People Or Narcissists

Social networking is essential for every type of company. Surprisingly, some people still assume it’s all a fad or a narcissism method. However, numbers speak for themselves: Facebook, for example, has over 1.2 billion users and is rising by the second. This just goes to show how important it is to tap into such a huge market.

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2. Is it a credible source of advertisement?

Some people still have problems bringing the words “business” and “social” together. How do the two go well together? They still don’t think of it as a credible source of marketing. After all, how can anything that is (occasionally) free be valuable?

3. ROI is difficult to measure.

It’s difficult to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of social media. It does not have tangible figures, unlike PPC and on-site conversions. However, it does attract a loyal audience of people who like your brand. Resulting in increase of your brand’s credibility and visibility. This also leads to improved customer loyalty, which leads to increased sales and revenue.

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4. It’s hassle. They said it’s rubbish. So what’s the point?

Anecdotal evidence is often a justification for people’s views about a policy as they are trying to find reasons to stop it. They may, for example, know someone who tried it and they said it didn’t make a difference. So, they’re not going to waste their time. The problem is that every company is unique, necessitating a tailored approach. It most definitely doesn’t represent the average across various companies.

5. ‘For my company? It wouldn’t be suitable’

People often assume that social media is only for specific industries. Or, for only larger organisations with the financial resources to spend can make good use of it. True, a successful campaign always necessitates a certain amount of investment. But this, like anything else, needs an expert to tailor the marketing strategy to the company’s needs and budget. Just about every organisation will benefit from social media marketing; all you have to do is prepare your strategy.

7. Lack of time or not a worthwhile investment.

As a marketing strategy, social media must be taken seriously. For a successful campaign, it is expected to have plan, which is studied, and conducted. This necessitates hiring a social media strategy specialist, which can be intimidating for certain companies. It is, however, well worth the money. You’ll never see the full potential of its strength unless you prepare to put in the effort.

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Walsall is a large market town and administrative centre in West Midlands County, England. It is one of the four Metropolitan District Council areas which the government describes as the Black Country. The term is used as a marketing tool to sell and promote the West Midlands region to the west of Birmingham. However, it gained its name in the mid nineteenth century. This was due to the smoke from the many thousands of ironworking foundries and forges. Walsall has had many industries, from coal mining to metal working. In the late 19th century, the coal mines ran dry, and Walsall became internationally famous for its leather trade. Walsall still manufactures the Queen’s handbags, saddles for the Royal family and leather goods for thePrince of Wales.


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