If you are opening up your business again, you may need to invest in a countertop sneeze guard. COVID-19 can spread from person-to-person very easily. In most cases, individuals pass contagions when they are within 6 feet or closer of each other. In fact, sneezes can travel at 100 mph and coughs at 50 mph. They are capable of expelling up to 100,000 or 3,000 droplets. In the current climate, if the person is infected, each droplet is a potential source of Coronavirus.

The government has been advising us that people are most contagious when they are symptomatic. However, it’s also possible for people to be contagious even before their symptoms have fully developed. Consequently, you could have a customer with minor or possibly even no symptoms, potentially putting your staff at and other customers at risk. 

Furthermore, we are still some time away from having a vaccine. This means alternative measures have to be put in place to help protect both employees and customers moving forward.  

With that in mind, Wrights Plastics offers cost-effective protective countertop screens that will help fight against the ongoing risks of infection. 

Countertop Sneeze Screens

A sneeze screen is also known as a screen guard, protective screen, shield or barrier. It is typically made from clear, high-impact acrylic. They are designed to prevent respiratory droplets from coming into contact with your staff, who sit or stand behind it. Depending on your business, a countertop sneeze screen may provide your employees and customers with the protection they need during the ongoing pandemic.

A countertop sneeze guard should still facilitate the exchange of money, bagging of items, or other essential check out processes. With that in mind, our countertop sneeze screens are lightweight, easy to install and most importantly, they’re effective.  

Why choose Wrights Plastics sneeze screens?

Our countertop sneeze screens have been manufactured from 5mm clear, high-impact acrylic and feature a cut-out at the base to allow for transactions whilst maintaining excellent protection.

Furthermore, our guards are designed to be easily assembled and are supplied in a flat pack format for ease of movement between locations as necessary. Additionally, they come with pre-fitted strips of strong double sided tape to affix to your counter.

Countertop sneeze screens FAQs

What are sneeze screens made of?

Our screens are made from a sturdy 5mm clear, high-impact acrylic. 

What sizes are available?

Our countertop sneeze guards are in stock and have the following dimensions: 

  • Overall Dimensions : 800mm wide x 900mm high x 250mm deep
  • Cut Out Dimensions : 300mm wide x 200mm high

However, we have the capability to design custom screens as per your requirements. 

When will I receive my sneeze screens?

Our screens are in stock and ready to be dispatched as soon as your order is placed. 

If you need help with your order or a custom design then contact us today either by email at: gpx.sales@wrightsplastics.co.uk or call us on 0800 772 3098 and we can help. You can also see our full ‘Back to Work Safely’ range here

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Why are businesses installing protective sneeze screens?