Elogistic is a world-leading e-commerce fulfilment company with a global presence across Europe, America, and now the Asia-Pacific region. Their company has continued to grow over the past decade, leading to an increased demand for warehouses in more countries.

With this in mind, Elogistic is delighted to announce the exciting news of Elogistic opening five new warehouses in the Asia Pacific: Japan, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, and Hong Kong. All of which are already being occupied by products ready to be your platforms to grow your e-commerce kingdom.

As one of the leading multi-channel fulfilment providers in the UK, Elogistic has helped hundreds of businesses expand their product and customer base. The retail fulfilment company already has over 50 fulfilment services situated in some of the most consumer-led countries in the world.

Charles Lu, Managing Director at Elogistic Solutions said “Expanding our fulfilment warehouses to the Asia Pacific region is an exciting step for our business. We have helped many small and large businesses grow so this is a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.”

Elogistic supports businesses of all sizes by offering a seamless handling service, including picking, packing, and shipping. They use expertly designed automation and distribution warehousing systems and have a wealth of fulfilment centres to pick and pack goods.

If you are looking for a logistics and fulfilment company for Asia, then get in touch with Elogistic Solutions today.

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Charles Lu – Managing Director
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