Central Scanning will be exhibiting at Backing Britain 3.0 from the 26th to 28th April 2022. The brand new innovative exhibition format is set to welcome thousands of visitors to the 3D virtual environment, which will continue to run for the entire year after the event takes place. It will also see three in-person events connecting 300+ manufacturers with talks from industry leaders and celebrity guests.

The aim of the Backing Britain Expo from The Made in Group is to connect hundreds of manufacturers across the region in an immersive, interactive, and environmentally friendly way. Over the last 18 months, businesses have had to propel themselves into the digital, whether it be working from home or diversifying their business processes. Digital isn’t going anywhere, and forward-thinking manufacturers need to get up to speed now so they aren’t left behind in the future. This is why we are excited to be part of Backing Britain 3.0.

The Made in Group is a trade association championing British manufacturing through networking opportunities, online exposure, topical discussions with industry leaders, and recruitment in manufacturing – helping close the UK skills gap.

Backing Britain 3.0 is a virtual exhibition where delegates will be able to visit interactive stands online – viewing company information, chatting live with exhibitors, and immersing themselves in 3D virtual factory tours.

The virtual reality headsets give visitors an opportunity not seen anywhere else. Their complementary cardboard headsets, which they will receive along with the Backing Britain 3.0 show guide, will give them a chance to experience a company’s product or facility as if it was right in front of them using digital twins.

Along with numerous other manufacturing members of the Made in Group, Central Scanning is embracing the change the pandemic has brought. With digital revealing itself to be deeper and more embedded than ever before, the employment of digital twins to sell to the B2B market is set to put businesses ahead.

Stay ahead of the curve with us by visiting our stand from the 26th of April! Register using the link below g2made.uk/bb3expo

For Event Enquiries:

Gina Theobald-Jones – Events Manager


01527 558 282

For Central Scanning Enquiries:

Alex Chung – Marketing Manager


01527 558 282