Stephens Gaskets continues to support the fight against Covid-19 by increasing production capacity to 2 million shields per month to ensure maximum protection for workers. The simple devices are more effective than masks at protecting the eyes, nose and mouth from Covid-19 infection. 

Every time we speak, we spray thousands of aerosol droplets, which are not visible to the naked eye, into the air in front of us. That means, when someone is infected with a respiratory virus such as the one that causes Covid-19, each aerosol droplet can contain thousands of viral particles, which then have the potential to infect those who are nearby who breathe in the particles. 

There is now further evidence that airborne contaminants carrying the coronavirus can play a significant role in spreading Covid-19. 

As a leading British manufacturer Stephens Gaskets has the equipment and workforce to produce high-volume quantities in order to meet the increasing demand for face shields that protect people while in the workplace. 

Face shields offer several important advantages over masks.

They provide better facial protection than masks, as well as being CE marked and more comfortable. They also prevent wearers from touching their faces and make it easier to communicate with others. Face shields not only allow people to read facial expressions, but also allow those who are hearing impaired to read lips. 

Stephens Gaskets face shields are CE marked and fully certified to EN166 standards to offer workers high levels of protection against airborne viruses and pathogens. Furthermore, they are high quality with a strong white clip design and universal sizing.

The face shields can shield against moving particles that occur from coughs and sneezes to help to lower the risk of viruses spreading within the workplace.

Advice on how to wear face shields.

For maximum protection the shield should extend below the chin vertically and to the ears on the periphery, with coverage being the most important design consideration. In addition, there should be no gaps that would allow droplets to reach the face. 

Piers Baynton Senior Engineer at  Stephens Gaskets said: 

“Our West Midlands facility is perfectly placed with the capacity and technical capabilities to provide protective face shields in large volume and in a short timeframe, to workers in all industries. We are very proud to be helping Britain return to work safely and hope employers continue to do everything they can to protect their workers.”

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