Summary. East Midland Coatings unveils a cutting-edge curing oven, multiplying capacity five times. This curing oven not only accelerates operations but saves energy too. Innovation meets efficiency!


EAST MIDLANDS – East Midland Coatings (EMC), a respected leader in providing high-performance industrial coatings, is delighted to announce the addition of a groundbreaking, custom-made curing oven to their facility. This advanced piece of equipment can reach impressive temperatures up to 450°C, paving the way for EMC to cure food-approved coatings and pre-bake or de-gas parts as required.

The oven, already in daily operation just a month after installation, signifies a significant investment in EMC’s technological capabilities. This cutting-edge equipment reinforces EMC’s ongoing commitment to innovation and the delivery of superior coating services.

The Impact On Our Industrial Coating Services

The difference this state-of-the-art oven makes is monumental. Before this strategic investment, EMC’s largest oven stood at just over 1m³. The new addition dramatically expands this limit, boasting a capacity of 4.8m³ – almost five times larger! This expanded capacity enables EMC to handle larger components, making the coating of oversized parts such as mould tools, food processing chutes, and hoppers more efficient and manageable.

The oven’s substantial size offers further advantages. Its capacity allows EMC to batch cure more parts at once, significantly enhancing throughput. With some regular jobs now doubling their output, EMC can keep pace with rising demand without compromising on their lauded lead times.

new curing oven at EMC

But it’s not just about size. The new curing oven is electrically powered, ensuring reliable and evenly distributed heat – an essential factor when curing parts with large surface areas. Despite the initial assumption that a larger, electrically powered oven might increase operational costs, the reality is quite the contrary.

EMC’s new curing oven is fitted with the state-of-the-art Cruzeheat function, a system that finely tunes the electrical demand, providing considerable energy savings. Coupled with the fact that more parts can be processed simultaneously, reducing the number of required cures, EMC has enhanced its capacity while also boosting its environmental credentials.

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East Midland Coatings (EMC) has recently invested in a state-of-the-art curing oven. This new oven is significantly larger than EMC’s previous ovens, allowing them to handle larger components.