Team development is a critical part of any successful business. Outdoor team building activities especially have great benefits. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen first hand how outdoor activities can influence the workplace.  They can improve attitudes, alleviate stress, and give people who learn and lead differently from others, a chance to shine. Taking your team outdoors to enjoy some corporate team building games or group activities for adults may have unexpected and significant benefits back in the office.


1- Learn the Art of Discovery

Being outdoors and in a new or different environment often frees people’s minds. It can open people up to the art of discovering new things. From finding a newfound passion for adrenaline-pumping water sports or discovering shared interests with your colleagues. Getting out of the office and into a new place helps to put you in a new frame of mind. It will kick start your innate exploratory nature. When this exploration is done with your team, it promotes individual development, communication and team bonding. These all significantly benefit your business.


2-Builds Trust and Honesty

Trust and honesty—with yourself and others— is an extremely important quality. Open and genuine communication should be practised both in your personal life and work life. This is where trust is built. Outdoor team building activities can be surprisingly beneficial when it comes to learning how to communicate honestly. Taking people out of their comfort zone can break down any political or personal barriers. In fact, it puts everyone in the same boat. This level playing field can create a safe space for people to feel more comfortable. This can lead to them opening up and speaking honestly about a particular problem or task at hand.


3- Create New Relationships

Stepping away from the day-to-day grind can go a long way to helping you see your team members in a different light. Team building eliminates corporate levels and job titles giving people the opportunity to see colleagues not as their superior and more as real people with shared interests. Outdoor team building activities help bridge the gap between the professional and the personal and pave the way for new relationships between colleagues. Creating bonds between colleagues can be very hard work, but when it’s done in a fun way, it feels natural rather than forced.


4- Focus on Issues

It’s much harder to get distracted or go off topic when a situation or problem is put directly in front of you that has to be solved quickly. This is a common scenario in corporate team building games. The reason for this is that it highlights to people that it is possible to set aside differences in personality to get something done. Focused teamwork is a great way to instigate cooperation and communication. Especially when the activity delivers a sense of achievement and excitement once complete. Creating this synergy can make way for positive outcomes that extend back into the working environment.


5- Common Goals

When team members all have the same goal, they become more committed to reaching it. There is no benefit to doing it independently. In fact, ensuring everyone has a role to play and everyone’s voice is heard means a better chance of success. Outdoor team building activities that encourage working together are the perfect way to change the “me” mentality to a “we” mentality.


6- Reach Peak Performance

At the end of an outdoor team building activity, your team will find that their overall performance has improved ten fold. Open communication becomes easier, collaboration is welcomed and processes become smoother. Whether it’s out in the woods, a corporate retreat or in your office car park. Such activities will provide your team not only with a fun and memorable experience but also individual and team growth.


Outdoor Team Building Activities – Contact AWD today

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