In healthcare settings, the act of transferring or lifting patients is not only frequent but also fraught with challenges. Here, Oxford slings lend a hand, offering compelling and far-reaching solutions that address many of these concerns. This Oxford sling review delves a little deeper into Oxford’s extensive range of patient slings, and how they can help create a safer care environment for all.

The Complexities of Patient Transfers

The transfer process may seem straightforward, but in reality, it involves multiple risks that need mitigation:

  • Safety Concerns: There is always an underlying risk of patient falls, leading to potential injury to patients and caregivers. This often results from inadequate risk assessment, for example, when selecting the incorrect size or type of sling, or failing to perform important pre-use safety checks on the equipment before use.
  • Ergonomic Issues: Caregivers often suffer from physical strain, risking musculoskeletal injuries often attributed to manual handling techniques. Oxford slings and lift products are designed to help lessen this burden on care staff through careful attention to the location of interaction points and the employment of sling fabrics with easy fit properties, for example.
  • Diverse Needs: Every patient’s condition and requirements are unique, necessitating adaptive solutions. Oxford has one of the widest sling ranges available with numerous solutions that satisfy a huge range of patient conditions and abilities. In addition, we have a custom service whereby bespoke features can be selected outside of the standard specification.

Oxford Slings – Versatility by Design

Understanding the challenges of the modern day care environment, we design Oxford slings to harmoniously combine with the needs of both the patient and the caregiver:

  • Safety First: Prioritising patient safety, we meticulously design and manufacture Oxford slings to ensure transfers are both comfortable and secure, thus reducing the risk of mishaps. We supply detailed pre-use safety checks with every Oxford sling to further mitigate avoidable accidents.
  • Ergonomic Excellence: Interaction points are purposely placed to lessen physical exertion, allowing caregivers to facilitate easier, more efficient patient transfers. Positioning handles enable quick and easy repositioning of patients, and we carefully consider sling straps and loops to offer numerous positioning possibilities that meet exacting needs.
  • Versatility Personified: One size doesn’t fit all in healthcare. Aside from sizing, certain sling types can successfully address many nuances associated with specific patient conditions.. Recognising the diversity of patients as well as environments, at Joerns, we are confident in being able to offer a solution that works.


Why should I choose an Oxford sling?
There are more than 65 years of design expertise and patient handling experience behind the Oxford name and our products have continuously evolved over this time to ensure they cater for the varying demands of today’s modern care environments.

How can I be sure that an Oxford sling will be suitable for my patient?
Joerns have one of the most extensive sling offers available with numerous models that cater for a multitude of tasks and patient conditions. Where there are bespoke requirements, Joerns offer a custom manufacturing service to tailor a sling to the patient’s exacting needs.

Do caregivers need extensive training to use Oxford Slings?
Oxford slings are intuitive in their application, however, for optimal use and for those with limited experience, Joerns provide detailed user instruction and safety checks with every sling to ensure the ongoing safety of both patient and carer during use. We also offer a range of training options to support correct and safe deployment.

How do I ensure and maintain the longevity of Oxford Slings?
Perform regular maintenance and inspections, carry out prescribed daily and pre-use checks, and avoid harsh washing chemicals to ensure sustained peak performance. We provide further guidance in the user instructions included with each sling.

Wrapping It Up

Oxford Slings are a leading choice amongst care providers, helping to ensure safe, smooth and dignified patient transfers.
For an exhaustive look at our range, its features and specifications, visit the official Oxford Slings page.

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