Today marks four years since the passing of one of the people we cared for, Margaret Sykes. Her daughter. Lenni Sykes, found herself reminiscing and, thinking of Stanfield Nursing Home, wrote lovely words which we would like to share below.

Lenni Sykes, daughter of Margaret Sykes

28th January 2021

Today, 4 years since my mother died peacefully at Stanfield Nursing Home, I remain immeasurably grateful for the fantastic care she received there for the last 5 years of her life. When she first moved to Stanfield, as well as being burdened with severe mixed dementia, she was terribly frail after neglectful care at another establishment. That establishment finally decided that they could not meet her care needs and notified me a few days prior to Christmas that they wanted her out by the end of the month. Having made enquiries there previously I had met Richard White and been impressed with him and with Stanfield. I called him and Richard was immediately on the case and things moved very rapidly and my mother was duly installed at Stanfield within the week.

From day one Mum was more secure and content there than she had ever been at the previous establishment. Richard and his staff treated her with dignity, respect and kindness and took pains to understand her and her particular needs and provide for her as well as possible. The wonderfully nutritious locally sourced food soon had its effect and she began to put weight back on after drastic weight loss in the months before the move.

Because of her extreme frailty, when she moved I had not expected that even with the best care she would last much longer. I was just grateful that at least she was soon so settled at Stanfield, as if she had always been there and felt at home. Little did I imagine that with such excellent care she would live for a further 5 years.

She had regular music therapy sessions with Stanfield’s music therapist Ray Mytton and he always brought a smile to her face. Richard White was impressed with the sound therapy techniques and instruments I used with my mother and even co-funded a research project I conducted on using sound to reduce agitation in dementia sufferers.

For the last 2 years my mum was no longer able to speak so she needed the staff to be particularly attentive to understand her needs. The staff also made me and other family members and visitors very welcome and were always available and receptive to me raising any concerns I might have about my mothers care. It felt like I was simply regarded as one of the team of people caring for my mum and that we all wanted the best for her.

When it came to the end of her life, after a chest infection she was never able to shake off, the staff continued to care for her diligently and kept her as comfortable as possible. They also extended considerable care and support to me and others visiting during those last difficult days.

Afterwards, I found myself missing Stanfield and the staff as well as grieving for the loss of my mother. I have had contact with some of them and they have always been pleased to see me and remember Mum fondly, which means a great deal to me.

Now in these difficult days of dealing with the pandemic, I appreciate how much harder it must be for both staff and residents and for all those who have loved ones in residential care. But I have no doubt that Richard and his team at Stanfield will have risen to the challenge and continued to provide excellent care of their residents.

Having experienced the best of care at Stanfield and the worst of care elsewhere, I wholeheartedly recommend Stanfield Nursing Home and trust that it will continue to meet the high standards of care Richard sets for it.

Contacting Stanfield Nursing Home

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