Here at Space Plans, we have a mission. To boost the mental and physical wellbeing of anyone and everyone through circus skills. Our app is made and run by circus artists who are highly skilled in the circus arts. They boast a wealth of creativity and innovation. They use the Space Plans online circus workshops to stay motivated and you too can benefit from this outlet. Connect with people of all ages, experience, and backgrounds and reap the benefits that circus skills can offer you. Whether you are looking to train in the circus industry yourself, train others, or just take on some new skills, Space Plans is here for you.

Get Connected Through Our Online Circus Workshops

Before we talk about the physical and mental benefits that learning circus skills can offer you, let’s delve into the social benefits. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has inevitably had an impact on all our social lives, but with the use of Space Plans, you can regain some social interaction in a safe environment. Our online circus workshops bring together communities and create a platform for everyone to enjoy. Connect with other like-minded people, swap and share tips and tricks. Stay happy and motivated with the support of the wider circus community who will fast become not just mentors or acquaintances but friends.

Improve Your Hand- Eye Coordination

Circus skills such as juggling have always been identified as a way to engage your brain. In fact, learning to juggle engages the left side of your brain – the logical/analytical side. However, once you have mastered the act of juggling, the intuitive right side of your brain is the part which you use the most. Juggling is shown to improve hand-eye coordination, and as a result, can improve reaction times, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and concentration skills. All of these skills are completely transferrable to other day-to-day activities and of course other jobs too.

Supports Physical And Mental Wellbeing

Learning new circus skills can be stimulating as well as calming. As you learn more complicated techniques, your left-side of the brain is engaging. This helps you to focus and analyse the steps. As you begin demonstrating the skills you have already learned, your right-side of the brain relaxes into a more fluid and intuitive motion. Skills such as juggling allow you to be in complete control of the process; you can choose to make it easy or difficult. As a result of this learning journey, you develop a growth mindset learning from mistakes. Also appreciating the effort and experience which grows from continuing to learn.

There are well recognised physical benefits of circus skills. For example, increased strength and endurance are a natural result of prolonged activity. Although it may not seem like it, you can burn up to 280 calories per hour when you juggle. At the same time it can improve balance, posture and hand and arm movements.

Online Circus Workshops | Get Started On Your Circus Skills Today

If you would like to join our community of circus teachers, performers and students to plan, track and train your circus, then keep your eyes peeled for our app coming soon! In the meantime, sign up to our Mindful Morning’s weekday sessions where you can take part in our first mini-series of online circus workshops: Mindful Juggling. See you there!