Ramping up to produce over 250,000 per week from their Birmingham factory.

Stephens Gaskets, the leading manufacturer of Gaskets, Shims and Washer solutions, is expanding the production of its CE marked high-quality protective face shields for those who need increased hygiene and safety protection.

This is on the back of the recent government requests for manufacturers to help deal with the pandemic and the nations return to work. Furthermore, The Institute for Global Change has emphasised the importance of face shields in responding to COVID-19. Stephens Gaskets is now leveraging its know-how and planning to ramp up the production of this essential personal protective equipment through increased production at its Birmingham Factory.

Stephens Gaskets is committed to protecting people and leveraging its core capabilities to make a difference during the COVID crisis. To manufacture the PFS’s the company is using its expert tooling to precision-cut optically clear and lightweight visors.

The protective face shields are made of Anti-Fog PET (Highest Grade) and suitable for all industries and work environments that require extra facial protection. Furthermore, the shield design allows for prescription eyewear and medical masks to be comfortably worn underneath.

The EN166 shield is CE marked and conforms to PPE Category I in Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment, providing a high level of protection for the eyes and face from liquid splashes and droplets.

“We are proud as a British manufacturer to help fight the pandemic and do what we can to ensure people have the protection they need to get back to work safely,” says Piers, Senior Engineer for Stephens Gaskets.

In addition, Stephens Gaskets is also producing Anti-Fog PET Visors that attach to baseball caps to protect the delicate face area from the hazards involved in the chemical, industrial and construction sectors. The eyes, nose and mouth can be particularly vulnerable when working in such industries as such, a face shield is a key item of personal protective equipment that will provide effective protection to the facial area.

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