PPE in the modern workplace

PPE is a must in the modern workplace, but what is PPE? Personal Protective Equipment is equipment that will protect workers against health or safety risks on the job. Furthermore, it reduces employee’s exposure to hazards along with making the workplace safe. In addition, it provides employees with instructions, procedures, training, and supervisions to encourage safe and responsible working. In fact, PPE contributes to the whole process and as such, is an integral part of running a successful and safe business. By identifying who is exposed, what they are exposed to, and how long and how much, you can demonstrate that the PPE complies with basic safety requirements.

PPE Equipment

Flooring industry specific

Within the flooring industry PPE is necessary on several levels. It goes without saying that normal building site rules apply. Therefore, a hard hat for overhead danger, safety footwear and high visibility clothing to ensure others can see us. What’s more, it is important to ensure that the effects of the job are minimised:

  • Safety Goggles/Glasses – The dust and flying debris in the preparation process can create a real hazard. Therefore, safety goggles/glasses should be worn.
  • Gloves – The chemicals used as part of the epoxy resin flooring systems can be harsh on the hands if they are not protected by gloves.
  • Mask / Respirator – The chemical fumes from the mixing process and the dust created from the preparation process can be hazardous to health if the correct mask / respirator is not worn.
  • Ears plugs/ ear defenders – The noise of the grinding machines especial can cause

As an employer

As the employer, you are responsible for making sure your employees have and wear the correct PPE. However, the employee must also take responsibility for their own safety. Which means, they must wear and use the correct PPE in accordance with the guidelines they are given. Training forms a large part in getting employees to understand why it is needed, when they need to use it and its limitations.

OPSC employee wearing PPE

PPE training and checking

At PSC the employees all participate in regular toolbox talk training. This includes the required and safe use of PPE. What’s more, the PPE for each staff member is checked on a regular basis and assessed for competency. This is done foremost to ensure the safety of staff members but also to ensure compliance with the Safe Contractor certification.

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